008: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Learning to Code


In this episode, I detail 10 things I've identified that new coders absolutely need to know before they begin teaching themselves the technical stuff. Why is this important? Every day, students start learning to code without any type of plan or goal. The end result is generally frustration, and eventual drop-off. Furthermore, many of these students are career changers, unhappy with their existing jobs, and unable to afford a loss. Everyone can learn to code, but it's not going to be easy, and I'm here to help set you up for success!

What you'll learn

  • That you, as well as anyone else, can learn to code!
  • The importance of a Career Transition Plan when changing careers
  • What you'll learn about yourself when you learn to code and change careers
  • How valuable and transferable the skills you're learning are
  • How to leverage your existing contacts to help launch your new web development career

Key moments

2:07 Learn why learning-based fear and anxiety can keep us from learning anything, let alone very complex topics
Some tips on how to make the time to build your skills, in between bursts of life
Why having your friends and family on board with your goals is going to set or break your course
The surprising truth about the people you already know, and how they're going to help you
How the skills you're learning are going to allow you more flexibility and leverage in your career
Nicole shares a special offer for LVEC listeners: 50% off your first month of Treehouse's web development e-learning platform!
18:33 The single word you're going to learn to love, because it's going to free up your time and energy
You're going to learn a lot about yourself while learning to code—hear some of what I learned on my journey!
If you start coding without this, you may be doomed for failure
With tons of free and paid resources out there, how do you decide which educational tools to use? These tips will help you!
Don't know any technical people, or other web developers? I share my secret for kick starting your career transition networking, and why it works.
Learn more about Nicole's upcoming pre-coding course, 30 Days to Web Development!

Show notes

Web Development Learning Apps

Mimo: Learn to Code On The Go

Enki: The 5-Minute Daily Workout for your Dev Skills

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