005: The Science of Learning with Dr. Barbara Oakley (Part 1)


In this two-part discussion, we welcome special guest Dr. Barbara Oakley, Professor of Engineering at Oakland University, to adapt some key topics from her record-setting Learning How to Learn and Mindshift Coursera courses and her new book (Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential) to self-taught web development students.

What you'll learn

  • Why it can be difficult to learn, and how to optimize your learning process
  • The power of reframing negative situations in a positive light
  • How being “scatterbrained” (or scientifically-speaking, having low working memory) can work to your benefit
  • Programming languages are really for human beings
  • Simple hacks to help remind you of your long-term goals

Key moments

3:00  Barb talks about her own mindshift from self-described “mathphobe” to Professor of Engineering

8:20  Learn how (and why it's important) to reframe negative situations as positively as possible—as a brain hack, not just a lifestyle

12:40  Barb offers her experience with simple hacks to remind you of your long-term goals

15:40  Learn about poor working (short-term) memory, and why it can be a wonderful advantage

24:20  Barb talks about why it's taken so long to examine and draw attention to the learning process from a student perspective

31:00  Barb and Nicole talk about the (very minor) differences in how older people learn, and how they can best direct their learning

38:13  Udemy's Learn Fest is going on, with $10 web development and design courses—check out my bestseller list here!

Show notes

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Barb's Courses & Books

Learning How to Learn: Powerful Mental Tools to Help You Master Tough Subjects [course] on Coursera

Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential [course] on Coursera

Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Unlock Your Hidden Potential [book] on Amazon

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