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044: Growing As a Newbie Dev

044: Growing As a Newbie Dev

In this episode, Nicole highlights the different, distinct stages of our growth as web developers, from beginner to expert, so you always know where you are!

We all know we can't go from beginner to expert overnight. Your growth process from “hello world” to building on advanced codebases is going to be a long one.

Fortunately for us, there are competency scales that can help us understand where we are in terms of how confident and capable we are in using our skills—whatever language you may be using.

The problem is, a lot of new coders in particular don't really “see” their skills increasing, and don't know how to graduate from one stage to the next.

Allow me to walk you through this process, and define the requirements of each unique stage as you grow. My hope is that after listening to this episode, you'll gain a much better understanding of what you need in order to grow and build your skills (and get a job if that's your goal!)

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