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043: How to Love the Experience of Learning to Code

043: How to Love the Experience of Learning to Code

In this episode, Nicole helps you see the advantages of being a new developer, and why you should slow down and enjoy your journey.

Your early stages of learning to code are really something special! 🥰

Basically everyone starts out fairly confident, because things are easy and straightforward. It’s the honeymoon period. But as soon as we dig in a ways, it can go from a positive experience to a negative one, depending on how you respond to those super strong emotions.

We start comparing ourselves to other developers, and imposter syndrome can kick in too. It might not feel so fun anymore, and you might want to take “a break”.

In this episode, I'll show you why you're in a fantastic place as a new developer, how you're more valuable to the industry than a lot of experienced developers, and tell a bit about my story of learning to love the experience of learning to code.

I hope you'll turn off the episode with a greater sense of peace and purpose—you totally got this. ❤️

Peace, love, and code,

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