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042: How to Leverage Twitter as a Developer

042: How to Leverage Twitter as a Developer

In this episode, Nicole explores the multitude of different ways you can leverage Twitter to build your developer network, resulting in connections, jobs, and—best of all—friends!

Twitter is Where Tech Happens™!

When you create a Twitter account as a developer, you're effectively stepping into the tech community. You'll expose yourself to all kinds of helpful content (like the content I write! 😊) and valuable people posting it.

I want to help you understand the nuances of the platform, how it differs from other social media platforms, what to post, and a bunch of valuable advice. Not being on the platform will actually hurt your career opportunities, especially if you're a new developer and/or career changer.

I hope this episode helps you connect with others, find great resources and events, and make some awesome friends! 💕

Peace, love, and code,

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Web developer accounts to follow

Every day, web development industry professionals are posting their thoughts on their work. I don’t have some proprietary list of folks to follow, but the kind denizens of the internet have created a few. Read Twitter bios, see if anyone matches your interests, and start building your audience.

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I think Twitter is the best social network for a developer. I always find awesome fresh links or interesting…

I’ll continue to add more resources to this post as I find folks that would make an excellent follow for newbie web developers!

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