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040: A Guide to Learning to Code and Getting a Job

040: A Guide to Learning to Code and Getting a Job

In this episode, Nicole walks through your first steps into the developer world, and how you can align your goals with actions to get your first paying work!

If you're learning to code with the hopes of getting a job and launching a developer career, you know that there's like 500 things going on at once. There are a lot of folks out there telling you what to do and how to do it. But like, how do you choose which path to go? Where do you learn the skills? How do you apply for jobs?

Although the answers are complex, we can begin to pull the curtain back and welcome you to your first steps. Once you get the ball rolling and connect with your community, you'll have a much clearer idea of how everything fits together, and how you can turn your skills into paying work.

As always, I hope this episode will help you in your education and career. 😊

Peace, love, and code,

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Download my guide, 10 Things You NEED to Know Before Learning to Code, for additional details on the steps you should follow prior to learning language skills/syntax!

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