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038: Note-Taking for Developers

038: Note-Taking for Developers

In this episode, Nicole provides valuable advice for taking notes in a technical field—so you can maximize your information retention while learning!

We learn early on that note-taking can help us retain the information we encounter, but very few people actually know how to take good notes that work for them. I was a terrible note-taker, honestly. I'd often just write everything the teacher said, and totally not even listen to what they were saying. It was madness!

When new coders start out in this industry, it's difficult to know how you should be taking notes—and more importantly, what to even take notes on. Additionally, taking notes as a developer often includes code and diagrams to map out ideas.

Before you get caught up in the same cycle I did, noting absolutely everything you encounter, you should definitely listen to this episode. You might just be introduced to a new way of taking notes that could work for you, and supercharge your education!

As always, I hope this episode will help you in your education and career. 😊

Nicole Archambault's signature: "Peace, love, and code"

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