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037: I Hated Public Speaking… So I Became a Public Speaker

037: I Hated Public Speaking… So I Became a Public Speaker

In this episode, Nicole tells the story of her experience overcoming a lifelong fear of public speaking by giving a conference talk, and facing the negative emotions surrounding it.

If you told me 5 years ago that I'd be doing public speaking, I'd have laughed at you. I was terrified of giving presentations of any sort since I had been in school, because I worried constantly that I'd bomb and be made fun of. I hated the experience of preparing the presentation, and struggled through preparing to deliver it.

But, through this mess of emotions tied to creating and giving a presentation, I decided that it would be easier now that I truly loved certain areas of the industry. So, I began exploring the process of applying and preparing for your first talk.

If you've considered sharing what you know in person, to a large group of people, let me help you make some sense of the experience. And I'd love to hear what happens next! 🙂

Nicole Archambault's signature: "Peace, love, and code"

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  • Conference speaking resources
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