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035: How to Share Before You Feel Confident

035: How to Share Before You Feel Confident

Sharing is particularly important in the tech industry. Yet, so many coders—new and experienced—opt not to share their knowledge. Why is this? If it's fear, what are we afraid of?

In this episode, Nicole talks about some of the reasons we feel too shy to share our code or write a blog post on what we know, and how she's overcoming the urge to stay in a bubble.

Have you been wanting to share what you know, but there's just something stopping you?

Paralyzed and shameful at over the idea of posting your code for everyone to see?

Or perhaps you're already blogging, but it just takes a long time to get out your content?

And what if you don't want to share at all, but you're curious about how to start?

Sharing is incredibly important here, because we all learn from each other. When you learn, you use others' resources, right?. Things move fast here, and for this reason, we need to seriously consider teaching others what we know. It's kind of like our obligation.

I really wanted to take the time to explore what holds us back—particularly myself. Even though I've been blogging on tech topics since I began learning to code, eventually, things became rougher, and I had to ask myself why.

I hope this episode helps you to understand why sharing matters, what you can share, and how to get past the fears and anxieties that may be keeping you from speaking up and putting yourself out there!

Nicole Archambault's signature: "Peace, love, and code"

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