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025: Celebrating People of Color in Tech with Michael Berhane

025: Celebrating People of Color in Tech with Michael Berhane

With very few places across the internet to find people like themselves, people of color in the tech industry have created their own spaces to lift up and spotlight their many accomplishments. One of those spaces is People of Color in Tech. Co-founder Michael Berhane joins us today to discuss his own transition into tech as a full-stack Node.js developer, how he and co-founder Ruth Mesfun got POCiT to where it is today, and where he hopes to see it go in the future.

Today on the podcast, we are joined by another amazing guest, Michael Berhane (@michaelberhane), co-founder of People of Color in Tech!

Not only is Michael going to charm us with his lovely accent but he is also going to give us some really great insight on his experience launching a community for people of color working in the tech industry. People of Color in Tech is a really supportive community site with stories and interviews from vibrant People of Color who had found their own place in the tech industry and highlights the work that they do. Today, Michael and I are going to chat about his own experience with the web development industry as a full-stack JavaScript developer, how he and co-founder Ruth Mesfun came up with the idea for People of Color in Tech, and what they hope to do with it in the future.

From our conversation you’ll learn more about the process of starting up a web development community, or simply a tech community in general, and probably hear some pretty relatable invaluable advice from both of us in terms of how to maximize your education and your career transition.

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