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024: The Business of Diversity & Inclusion in Tech with Kim Crayton (Part 2)

024: The Business of Diversity & Inclusion in Tech with Kim Crayton (Part 2)

New web development students focus on their skills as they transition into their new industry, but there is more to the industry than just the skills. Learn more about the topics that help build exceptional additions to the industry with special guest Kim Crayton. This 2-part conversation will help listeners understand why Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) matters to career changers, why it's a far bigger issue than just doing the right thing, and how to identify and avoid toxic environments.

This week, we're delving into a different topic than I usually feature on the podcast. But, it's going to become a topic that's frequently worked into a lot of things you'll hear me talk about regarding the web development industry. That topic is diversity and inclusion (or D&I for short).

Our guest today is Kim Crayton. Kim is an advocate for diversity, inclusion and space spaces in tech. She is currently pursuing a Doctor’s of Business Administration in Technology Entrepreneurship to take her business and skills to the next level. She has an extensive background in business and education, and has built her own business around addressing issues like diversity and inclusion from an economic standpoint, and helping to bring companies forward to a competitive global level.

In this discussion, Kim helps us to understand what diversity and inclusion even arewhy they are an issue to begin with, how they came to be an issue, and where and how business and D&I intersect. She uses really powerful imagery and examples to make abstract topics clear.

In today’s episode, we continue our conversation with Kim Crayton, and expand on what Kim raised during Part 1 of the discussion. Kim used that time to talk about identifying the problems of representation and prejudice and how this might relate to a coding environment. Here she gets into what these problems can lead to, and how we might begin to tackle these issues in the work space. Listen in to hear some of Kim’s great examples of what the tech industry could look like with and without the help of people like her.

Kim's work:
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