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019: Why I Became a Tech Entrepreneur

019: Why I Became a Tech Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought of what your career could be like without the constraints of others affecting your output? To have total control over your income potential? In this episode, Nicole talks about why she finally decided that she’d had enough of the company job/freelancing, and instead sought out the entrepreneurship rat race. She takes a humorous, refreshingly honest approach to the challenges of trying to find your place in the web development/tech world. She also offers some perspectives and advice for web developers who may want to pursue entrepreneurship for themselves.

Some people just don’t fit into the traditional categories of web development jobs. I was one of them, and over the past two years, I received a lot of signs leading me here. I have moved from a front-end web development job to a front-end freelancer. Now I've landed on tech entrepreneurship, specializing in educational technology. I want to talk about why I made those decisions and what my career looks like now. My hope is that it might just help you to see those signs and make a decision that’s better for your authentic self.

Today, I’m going to talk about why I decided to take my tech skills and align them with education and psychology. I also discuss how I chose to begin creating online courses for new web developers. I’ll discuss my struggles and my successes. Further, I'll talk about some of the wonderful, and often unexpected things, that have come from the experience of finding entrepreneurship in the web development industry. Finally, I’ll offer some resources for anybody who thinks that they might be a good fit for entrepreneurship.

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