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018: 15 Tips for Maximizing Your Web Dev E-Learning Experience

018: 15 Tips for Maximizing Your Web Dev E-Learning Experience

For the fourth and final episode of EdTech September, Nicole shares her tips for getting the most out of your e-Learning platform of choice. She goes more in-depth for each, explaining how they specifically relate to new web development students. You’ll come away from this episode with a better understanding of how your e-Learning platform. You'll also receive other EdTech resources can be best used to jump-start your learning—and keep you ahead of the game!

Welcome to the final episode of EdTech September! Today, I’ll be giving 15 tips to help you maximize your web development e-Learning platform. Whatever e-Learning platform you decide to work with, there is a proper way to use it to help take your learning to the next level. Although we all learn in unique ways, there are small practices and mindsets that you can start implementing today to help enhance your learning experience and increase productivity.

Today’s episode is all about developing a mindset of personal growth; inquiring more, allowing yourself to make mistakes, asking for help, and taking breaks. Ultimately, you'll learn how to digest information in a more meaningful, personal and applicable way. Faster learning means shorter career transitions, shorter career transitions means less energy spent trying to find a job! I hope that you’ll leave this episode today with some solid advice on how to apply your own e-Learning today.

Why EdTech September?

EdTech September brings together for LVEC listeners key topics in the field of Educational Technology (EdTech). As a new web developer, you need to know how you learn most successfully, so you can apply that approach to everything you need to learn in the future. You also need to know how and where to best apply your tech skills in the Web Development industry. EdTech September involves both of these topics, by helping students understand their career opportunities in EdTech, and forming a deeper connection between learner and learning style.

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