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011: At the Intersection of Technology & Education with Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson

011: At the Intersection of Technology & Education with Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson

What happens when you teach people how to learn, then teach them how to code, while putting THEIR needs at the center of your entire platform?

Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson joins me on the show for an enlightening discussion around the intersection of technology and education. We talk about how they tackle the enormous challenge of teaching students the skills they need to fill the millions of open software engineering jobs becoming available over the coming years.

I was so excited to interview Ryan Carson this week!

Ryan has a lot of important insights for new web development students. Newbies are typically in a disadvantaged position in the industry, and without advocates.

However, Ryan is actively breaking down the barriers to job force entry. He is doing so by connecting directly with employers to encourage apprenticeship over the traditionally-requested combination of education and experience.

As new self-taught coders, you want someone on your side like this. We don't have enough people in our corner to begin with. There are a lot of entities out there always trying to sell new students. Often, though, they don't want to support them in their overall goal of entering the workforce with a fighting chance of survival.

If you decide to check out Treehouse, please let me know what you think!

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