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007: Lessons from Code Academy with George Mandis

007: Lessons from Code Academy with George Mandis

In this episode, Nicole talks to her first in-person coding instructor and good mentor friend, George Mandis of Snaptortoise Development. She met George, a Portland, Oregon-based web developer, while attending Code Academy at Mount Hood Community College. In fact, this was Nicole's first classroom-based web development bootcamp when she started learning to code. However, Nicole was already pretty advanced for the class, and he ended up being a great mentor to her!

While talking to George, I reminisce on the time I began learning to code. He has wonderful intuitive and experience-based insight on the web development industry, which is something newbie coders by and large lack.

In Portland? Learn more about Code Academy

Code Academy at Mount Hood Community College

George's plugs

Cross-platform IDE for web developers

George's Upcoming Conferences

HolyJS – St. Petersburg, Russia
OdessaJS – Ukraine (English translation)
FullStack – London
NEJS – Omaha, NE

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