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002: How I Learned How I Learn

002: How I Learned How I Learn

In this episode, Nicole shares her personal story of how she learned to learn. After a lifetime of feeling frustrated with traditional education systems, she finally figured out how her brain works, and what type of learning environment it needs.

We all learn differently. There is no single method or style of learning that fits us all. However, I did not realize this until later in life. By that time, learning had become more of a hassle and requirement than an activity I enjoyed. I'd like for you to reflect on this episode and try to understand how you learn. My discoveries and methods are not the right ones for everyone. As I said, we all learn differently and this episode is meant to open your mind and understand that there is more than one style of learning, and I'm sure there is a method out there that your brain reacts positively to.


Treehouse [Online Web Development Courses]

Treehouse Course Catalog

CodinGame [gameified web development platform for Challenge learners]

Cartoon mentioned in article, representing the tendency of instructors to give uniform tests where they don't benefit students.
“For a fair selection, everybody has to take the same exam: climb that tree.

How do you learn?

I'd love to hear from you and chat about your preferred learning styles!

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