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A self-paced online course to help you solve coding problems with confidence and ease!


Problem Solving School

A self-paced online course to help you solve coding problems with confidence and ease!


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Newbie Coder Problem Solving School is a unique online course designed to help alleviate new coders' frustrations with thinking programmatically and approaching algorithmic challenges.

You'll be able to approach your coding problems more confidently, and solve them faster.

(And we both know that these skills are noticed by employers!)

We aren't taught logical problem solving skills.

Computer Science 101-level classes were great! I was excited to see things happening, and knowing that I made them happen.

When I graduated on to Data Structures and Algorithms, the Computer Science degree began to rapidly increase in difficulty.

Problem sets left me panicking, because there were so many abstract steps involved that I couldn't wrap my head around.

I had no idea how to approach a coding problem, and I didn't realize why until I was nearly 30 years old—when I decided once again to learn how to code, and become a developer.

An undiagnosed non-verbal learning disability had only amplified my difficulties. (I probably could've gotten more time on those problem sets!)

All of my office hours time was spent asking about actual code, just to try to get something to work.

But often, I wasn't even solving the problem I needed to solve. It was like I'd regularly get 2/3 way to a solution… then sputter out.

I needed problem solving skills, y'all.

And NOBODY was teaching them, especially not in traditional academic institutions.

Who is NCPSS for?

Newbie Coder Problem Solving School is an online course for coders of all levels looking to:

  • Strengthen their problem solving skills
  • Learn programmatic thinking
  • Learn to pseudocode (write manually) your solutions before writing code
  • Break down complex problems into smaller problems

You NEED this course if you:

  • Are brand new to coding and already terrified of coding problems
  • Struggle with determining your approaches to coding problems
  • Don't feel confident enough to even ask others for help
  • Can write basic algorithms… but they don't scale enough to pass tests

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a young college student who enrolled in a 4-year Computer Science degree program.

She loved computers, and grew up making, breaking, and fixing things. In her early teens, she had coded her own online journal's template using HTML styles, So, a Computer Science should come naturally—right?

Fast forward to the day at the end of her freshman year.

She sat in her major advisor's room, biting down on the inside of her lip to keep from crying, as he suggested that Computer Science may not have been the best fit to her, because she was clearly struggling. Maybe Information Technology would be more along her lines?

That day, she switched majors, and didn't look back.

If you haven't figured it out yet, that girl was me: Nicole Archambault.

Today, I am an educational technology entrepreneur and front-end web developer. I absolutely love what I do.

But, back to college. I was so good with computers. What went wrong?

Problem solving skills will help your career

It's a major problem that we didn't don't have newbie-level problem solving skills readily available to people teaching themselves to code.

The overwhelm that can come with being stuck on coding problems, and not getting the help you need, often leads new coders to believe:

  • They're “just not good at coding”
  • They're wasting their time
  • They'll never be able to learn enough to get a job

By solving the problem of the lack of problem solving, we can bring in a fresh wave of problem solvers, ready to take on the world!

I am creating Newbie Coder Problem Solving School as a solution to the hundreds of responses I've heard from students over the years. Their feedback clearly tells me that people learning to code are not confident in their ability to approach algorithmic problems.

Not sold yet? Got questions?

If the course isn't for you, you'll probably know. These stories of fear and frustration simply won't resonate with you.

But even then, the course itself will have a 30-day money back guarantee, and I'll personally refund you if you're not happy with it. (But you will be!)

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