Student Success Story: Sally Kader 

Sally wants to change careers and get a coding job.

After working together for nearly 4 months, Sally and I sat down for a chat so I could better understand what she felt she had accomplished after going through the coursework and having several 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

This is what she had to say!

Q: What do you love about 30 Days to Web Development?  

Sally: I love the way that you explain things, plus the notes with links and extra information, and the workbook questions really make you think about how to improve... I don't know where I'd be without it.  

There is so much valuable content, and you get lifetime access so you get anything new that is added and can reference that material whenever needed. With the coaching calls, you get help that is specifically tailored to whatever your personal needs are.  

Q: What have you taken away from the course portion?  

Sally: I learned how to better think programmatically, and how to solve problems in a simpler, less overwhelming way.  

Learning how to learn and solve problems seems so simple, but that part seriously changed my life. Little things like that can make a huge difference.  

I am able to study for longer periods of time, and remember most of the information that I learned rather than forgetting it the next day. I have for sure improved in this area since the days of cramming the night before a test and then forgetting everything I learned the day after. Plus having someone help me set goals and figure out how to achieve those goals was incredibly helpful.  

Another thing was learning about how a bunch of the different parts of web development were related to each other.  

I am more patient with problem solving since taking this course. Problem solving for me is usually quicker, and less frustrating than before.  

Q: Who do you think would be the perfect fit for 30DWD?  

Sally: If you’re teaching yourself and you’re unsure about anything, you should enroll. Anything in your career change that you need help with, they're going to get it with this program. I feel like there isn't really anything in the course that isn't beneficial. Everything is going to be used.  

SO, there you have it! Not only do I have great students, but I have great students who are MORE than happy to provide feedback on a program that's changed their lives for the better.  

Plus, she posts and shares on social media about 30DWD without me even asking. I mean, come on! 😍  

Twitter quote by @thesallynov (Sally Kader) which reads "I'm incredibly thankful for Nicole and everything she does for her students and the community! If you're looking for guidance, I highly recommend enrolling in this course."

Ready to join Sally and others as a 30 Days to Web Development student? Hurry! Open enrollment ends on June 2, 2019