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Welcome to La Vie En Code, the ultimate community for coders. We’re here to help you learn the skills behind the code—from problem solving to staying motivated and everything in between. Our community is based on open discussion, big ideas, and continual learning, and we’re thrilled to have you along!

Regardless of language or platform, how long you’ve been tapping those keys or how you learned, this membership network is built for you—from the self-taught coders and programmers to those who just want to take their coding career to the next level. And because we know realize that each coder is on their own path toward greatness, our membership tiers cover every need and every budget.

I learned the skills to become a front-end web developer
in less than 10 months with Treehouse

Watch production-quality videos of professional programmers
Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Swift, C# and MUCH more

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