Dedicated to the Self-Educated

La Vie en Code is a educational resource especially for web development students who are self-taught or from otherwise non-traditional backgrounds.

Learning web development is supposed to be difficult

Being a part of a community of people with a common goal is proven to improve your chances of success.

Every student learns differently

Not all students respond well to textbooks, classrooms, lectures, and exams.
(And that's okay!)

Resources should be in one place

Don't let scattered resources deter you from learning. I review courses, share my experiences, and tell you what works — and why.

Introducing the La Vie en Code Podcast

A podcast about all things relating to self-taught and non-traditional web development students.


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I became a web developer in less than 10 months with Treehouse

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Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Swift, C# and MUCH more

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